Los Nietos

Los Nietos, Spain is a small fishing village with its own individual marina on the Mar Menor, which began as a very small fishing settlement and was later urbanised to allow more holiday homes by the Mar Menor. It is now a busy community with many visitors, especially in the summer, with some events at other times. Many foreigners, mainly British, live there.

The Mar Menor has a 73km coastline perimeter with numerous beaches with clear, shallow water (maximum depth 7m). The Mar Menor lagoon covers an area of 170km2 – making it the largest Saltwater lake in Europe. The average annual temperature is 17°C, winters are mild, with average temperatures not falling much below 10°C.

La Manga de Mar Menor itself is a narrow strip of land between two seas, the Mediterranean and Mar Menor, measuring up to 300m in breadth & 21km in length. It has over 40km of sandy beaches, acasino, hotels, and is close to the airport, Murciacentral, and to one of the oldest cities in Spain, Cartagena.

Los Alcazaresis an old fishing village of 20km 2 with 7km of beaches from Los Narejosto Punta Brava. There is good transport to Los Alcazares and other nearby places.

Cabo de Palosis a bay on the Mediterranean side of La Manga just before the strip itself. The village has been built on a volcanic backbone of the Murcian coast where fishing has remained one of the livelihoods of the area although it has been modernized.

Playa Honda, Mar de Cristal, Isla Menores, Los Nietos, Los Urrutiasand Punta Brava are small hamlets and villages following the coastline.

Our thoughts: Los Nietos remains a very charming Spanish village but has grown in popularity due to its fantastic position on the Mar Menor, a marina and great choice of fish restaurants. Starting to see some new builds here but not being overdone so village keeps its character.